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Rising Bank Savings Rates

Rising Bank Savings RatesRising Bank savings rates are one of the best savings rates available from any online bank these days. Savings account rates at Rising Bank also are much better than traditional brick and mortar bank rates. Current savings rates from Rising Bank are at 1.89 percent with an APY of 1.90 percent.

The minimum balance to earn the high savings rate and yield is only $1,000. There are no monthly fees on the account and interest is credited monthly. You can use our savings rate table to compare online savings account rates with Rising Bank savings rates.

Savings Accounts from Rising Bank Fine Print

  • Minimum opening balance $1,000

  • Maximum account balance $500,000

  • Maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.00 in the account each day to obtain the annual percentage yield

  • 6 withdrawals per month as per federal regulation

  • Cash withdrawal with debit card limit is $550.00 per business day

  • Interest is not compounded. Interest is credited to your account every month

  • Daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account

  • You may withdraw a maximum of $25,000 per day

  • You may deposit a maximum of $250,000 per day

  • Dorman Account Fee: $5.00 per statement cycle on a savings or money market account that has no activity for 24 consecutive months

To make sure you are getting the best deal on a savings account compare online savings rates with Rising Bank savings rates.
Author: Brian McKay
December 8th, 2019
Posted in: Savings Accounts