Highest Savings Account Rates & Money Market Account Rates

Savings account rates and money market account rates are averaging less than .50 percent but you can find rates higher than the average rate. In fact, you can find savings rates and money market rates up to five times higher than the national average rate.

American Express Bank and Bank of Internet USA are both offering a current savings account rate of 1.49 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.50 percent.

American Express Bank is offering the 1.50 percent APY on their "High Yield Savings" account. There is no minimum opening deposit. Bank of Internet USA is offering the rate on their "High Yield Savings" account as well. The minimum opening deposit on the high yield savings is $100.

Savings accounts and money market accounts are variable rate accounts. The interest rate can change at anytime. If you're interested in locking into current rates, 12 month CD rates are also around 1.50 percent.

Here is a list of the highest savings account rates and money market account rates in Columbia, South Carolina.

Bank of Internet USA 1.50% / $100
American Express Bank FSB  1.50% / $ 0
Capital One Direct Banking 1.45% / $10,000
UFB Direct 1.45% / $ 1
Nationwide Bank 1.40% / $10,000
Discover Bank 1.40% / $10,000
Ally Bank 1.39% / $ 1
Giantbank.com 1.31% / $1000
AIG Bank 1.26% / $10,000
EverBank 1.26% / $ 1
WTDirect 1.26% / $10,000
FNBO DIRECT 1.25% / $ 1
First Internet Bank of IN 1.25% / $100

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Author: Lisa Graham
March 1st, 2010
Posted in: Savings Accounts