Albuquerque Savings Rates: Best Savings Rate at 1.14%, Average Savings Rate at 0.23%

Current Albuquerque savings rates are averaging 0.231 percent as reported by MonitorBankRates. You can get savings rates higher than the national averages. Right now on our Albuquerque savings account rates list two banks are offering the best savings rate. Discover Bank and Sallie Mae Bank are both offering online savings account rates at 1.14% with a yield of 1.15%.

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The second highest savings rate on our list in Albuquerque is from Flagstar Bank. The bank is currently offering savings rates at 1.09% with a savings yield of 1.10%.

The third best interest rate on our list is from Nationwide Bank. The banks current rate on their money market account is 1.04% with a MMA yield of 1.05%.

The fourth highest rate on our list is from three different banks. Everbank, WTDirect and Zions Bank are all offering online savings rates and yields at 1.01%.

Rounding out the top 5 savings account rates in Albuquerque are First Internet Bank of IN, American Express Bank, ING Direct and AIG Bank. All banks are offering rates and yields at 1.00%.

Author: Jason P. Jones
June 17th, 2011
Posted in: Savings Accounts