Los Angeles, CA Savings Account Rates and Yields

Searching our savings interest rate tables to find the best Los Angeles, CA, savings account rates we found several banks offering rates more than 5 times the curren national average rate. The current highest savings interest rates on our list are from American Express Bank and Sallie Mae Bank. Both banks are current offering online account rates at 1.29 percent with a yield of 1.30 percent. The current national average rate is only 0.244 percent for account balances of at least $2,500.

Right behind American Express and Sallie Mae is Discover Bank. The bank's current savings rate is 1.25 percent and a savings yield of 1.25 percent. Discover Bank's rate is also more than 5 times the current national average. Savigs accounts are variable rate accounts which means the rate can change at any time. If you want to lock in a rate right now a certificate of deposit is the way to go. Though I don't know why you would want to lock in a low rate long term CD.

The third highest rate on our list in Los Angeles Third on our list of the best rates in Los Angeles is from WTDirect. The bank is currenting offering interest rates on their savings account at 1.20 percent with a yield of 1.21 percent.

The fourth highest rate on our list goes to Zion’s Bank. The bank is offering rates at 1.10 percent and a yield of 1.11 percent. The fifth best rate goes to FNBO Direct which is offering rates at 1.09 percent and a yield of 1.1o percent.

Savings Account Yields Los Angeles, CA 

American Express Bank FSB 1.30% Min $ 0
Sallie Mae 1.30% Min $ 1
Discover Bank 1.25% Min $500
WTDirect 1.21% Min $10,000
Zions Bank 1.11% Min $1000
FNBO DIRECT 1.10% Min $ 1
ING DIRECT 1.10% Min $ 1
Nationwide Bank 1.10% Min $10,000
Salem Five Direct 1.10% Min $ 1
La Jolla Bank 1.10% Min $10,000
Ally Bank 1.09% Min $ 1
EverBank 1.06% Min $ 1
Flagstar Bank 1.06% Min $ 1
Capital One Direct Banking 1.01% Min $10,000
First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% Min $100
AIG Bank 1.00% Min $10,000
EmigrantDirect.com 1.00% Min $ 1
HSBC Advance 1.00% Min $ 1
Author: Brian McKay
January 9th, 2011