Atlanta Postal Credit Union IRA Share Dividend Savings Account APY 2.50%

Atlanta Postal Credit Union is offering some of the best share dividend rates (savings account rates) currently available. Atlanta Postal Credit Union's savings accounts include a Regular Share savings account, a Holiday Club savings account, a Vacation Club savings account and a Individual Retirement Account (IRA) savings account.

Atlanta Postal Credit Union is also advertising a Share Draft account and a Platinum Advantage Checking account. The Share Draft account currently has an annual percentage yield of 1.00%. The Platinum Advantage Checking account currently has a checking account rate of 1.24% with an APY of 1.25%.

Think those rates and yields are great? Well Atlanta Postal Credit Union's savings account rates are even higher. The current Regular Share savings account is 1.49% with an APY of 1.50%. That savings account rate (dividend rate) is one of the best savings rates available right now anywhere. That savings rate also 6 times the current national average savings account rate of .024% for account balances of at least $2,500.

Holiday Club savings account rates and Vacation Club Savings Account rates are also at 1.49% with an APY of 1.50%.  

Individual Retirement Account savings account rates and yields are even higher than the other savings account rates. Current IRA savings account yields are 2.50%. That is one of the highest savings account yields available from any bank or credit union.
Author: Lisa Graham
July 28th, 2010