Savings Rates and Money Market Account Rates

Savings account rates: Search and compare the best savings account rates and the best money market account rates from banks and credit unions. You can search for the highest interest savings rates and MMA rates in the state you live in or by the zip you live in. Once you have entered your search criteria a list of the top savings accounts rates and money market account rates will be displayed. Most savings account interest rates displayed are for regular savings accounts or for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) savings accounts.

Searching our savings account rates list in Trenton, New Jersey two banks are currently tied with the highest rate. American Express Bank and Sallie Mae Bank are both offering online savings account rates at 1.29 percent with an online savings account yield of 1.30 percent.

The second highest savings account rate on our list in Trenton, NJ is from Hudson City Savings Bank and Discover Bank. Both banks are offering current savings rates at 1.24 percent with a current savings yield of 1.25 percent.

WTDirect has the second best savings account rate on our list for Trenton. WTDirect is currently offering savings rates at 1.20 percent with a savings interest yield of 1.21 percent.

Zions Bank has the third highest savings rate on our list. Zions Bank is currently offering savings rates at 1.10 percent with a yield of 1.11 percent.

Trenton, New Jersey (NJ) Savings Account Rates 

  • American Express Bank FSB Rates 1.29% Yields 1.30% Min $ 0 
  • Sallie Mae Rates 1.29% Yields 1.30% Min $ 1 
  • Discover Bank Rates 1.24% Yields 1.25% Min $500 
  • Hudson City Savings Account Rates 1.24% Yields 1.25% Min $2,500
  • Zions Bank Rates 1.10% Yields 1.11% Min $1000 
  • FNBO DIRECT Rates 1.09% Yields 1.10% Min $ 1 
  • ING DIRECT Rates 1.09% Yields1.10% Min $ 1 
  • First Internet Bank of IN Rates 1.09% Yields 1.10% Min $100 
  • Nationwide Bank Rates 1.09% Yields 1.10% Min $2000 
  • Salem Five Direct Rates 1.09% Yields 1.10% Min $ 1 Must have a checking account.
  • Ally Bank Yields 1.09% Min $ 1 
Author: Robert Till
January 12th, 2011