Savings Account Interest Rates in Olympia, WA

Right now on our savings account interest rates list in Olympia, Washington, American Express Bank has the best savings account interest rate. The current savings rate on American Express' online savings account is 1.29 percent with a yield of 1.30 percent.

Second on our list of savings account rates in Olympia, WA, is Sallie Mae Bank. Sallie recently lowered their online savings account rate to 1.24 percent with a yield of 1.25 percent. Prior to the rate adjustment lower Sallie and Amex were tied with the same rate and yield.

The third highest online savings account rate on our list in Olympia is Discover Bank. The bank is offering a rate of 1.19 percent and a yield of 1.20 percent on their online savings.

Three banks are tied with the fourth best rate on our list. Zions Bank, WTDirect and Flagstar Bank are all offering rates at 1.10 percent and yields at 1.11 percent.

Olympia, Washington (WA) Savings Account Interest Rates 

American Express Bank Rates 1.29% Yield 1.30% Min $ 0
Sallie Mae Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25% Min $ 1
Discover Bank Rate 1.19% Yield 1.20% Min $500
Zions Bank Rate 1.10% Yield 1.11% Min $1000
WTDirect Rate 1.10% Yield 1.11% Min $10,000
Flagstar Bank Rate 1.10% Yield 1.11% Min $ 1
ING DIRECT Rate 1.09% Yield 1.10% Min $ 1
First Internet Bank of IN Rate 1.09% Yield 1.10% Min $100
Nationwide Bank Rate 1.09% Yield 1.10% Min $10,000
Salem Five Direct Rate 1.9% Yield 1.10% Min $ 1
FNBO Direct Rate 1.09% Yield 1.10% Min $ 1
Ally Bank Rate 1.08% Yield 1.09% Min $ 1

Author: Brian McKay
February 2nd, 2011