Emigrant Direct Savings Account

EmigrantDirect.com, the online banking arm of Emigrant Bank based in New York, is offering an online savings account that currently has an rate of 1.09 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.10 percent.

The bank's American Dream Savings Account has the following benefits:

  • No savings account fees.

  • No minimums.

  • You can open a high interest savings account online quickly and easily.

  • No need to change your checking account. You can link your new savings account to your current checking account.

  • You can access your high yield savings account 24/7 at EmigrantDirect.com.

In addition to a high yield online savings account EmigrantDirect.com also offers several different certificate of deposit accounts.

For more information on EmigrantDirect's deposit accounts visit: EmigrantDirect.com.
Author: Robert Till
March 8th, 2010