Colorado Savings Account Rates

The highest savings account rate on our rate list in Colorado is from Sallie Mae Bank. The bank's Online High-Yield Savings Account rate is 1.39 percent with a Savings Yield of 1.40 percent. The minimum opening deposit for Sallie Mae's new Online High-Yield Savings Account is $1.

Second on our list of the highest savings rates in Colorado is from American Express Bank which is the banking arm of the credit card company American Express. The current bank's High Yield Savings Account rate is 1.29 percent with a Savings Yield of 1.30 percent. American Express Bank doesn't have a minimum opening balance for their High Yield Savings account.

Discover Bank has the third best Colorado savings account rate on our list. The bank's Online Savings rate is 1.24 percent with a savings yield of 1.25 percent. The minimum opening savings account balance at Discover Bank is $500.

Colorado Savings Account Rates

  • Sallie Mae 1.40% Savings Yield Min $ 1  

  • American Express Bank FSB 1.30% Savings Yield Min $ 0  

  • Discover Bank 1.25% Savings Yield Min $500  

  • Ally Bank 1.24% Savings Yield Min $ 1  

  • WTDirect 1.21% Savings Yield Min $10,000  

  • Nationwide Bank 1.15% Savings Yield Min $10,000  

  • EverBank 1.11% Savings Yield Min $ 1 (Intro Rate-3, New Money

  • Required)

  • Zions Bank 1.11% Savings Yield Min $2500  

  • FNBO DIRECT 1.10% Savings Yield Min $ 1 

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Author: Brian McKay
November 2nd, 2010