Champion Bank Savings Account Rates and MMA Rates

Champion Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, offers three different types of savings accounts. A Regular Savings Account, Junior Champions Savings Account and a Business Savings Account.

All three savings accounts have a current savings account rate of 0.89 percent with an annual percentage yield of .90 percent. These savings account rates and yields are not the best savings accounts around but they still beat the national average rates.

The minimum opening deposit for the Regular Savings Account and Business Savings Account is $100. The minimum opening deposit for the Junior Champions Savings Account is only $25.00

The bank is also offering three Money Market Checking Accounts that have the following tiered rates:

  • 0.50% rate 0.50% APY balance of $0.01

  • 0.74% rate 0.75% APY balance of $2,500

  • 0.99% rate 1.00% APY balance of $10,000

  • 1.24% rate 1.25% APY balance of $25,000

For more information on Champion Bank's Savings Account and Money Market Accounts visit. Champion Bank.
Author: Brian McKay
March 13th, 2010