Bank Savings Rates in Saint Louis: Best Savings Rate at 1.14%, Average Rate at .022%

Right now the average savings rate in Saint Louis, MO, is 0.22%. The highest savings rates on our list in Saint Louis is from Discover Bank and Sallie Mae Bank. Both banks are offering online savings rates at 1.14% with an online savings yield of 1.15%.

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Also on our savings rate list for St. Louis is Nationwide Bank. The bank's current money market rate is 1..04% with a MMA yield of 1.05%.

The third best rate on our savings rates in St. Louis list is Ally Bank. Ally's current online savings account rate is 1.03% with a yield of 1.04%.

The fourth highest rate on our list is from Everbank. The bank's current savings rate and yield is 1.01%. 

Rounding out the top 5 savings rates in St. Louis are several different banks. American Express Bank, ING DIRECT, Salem Five Direct and First Internet Bank of IN are all offering savings rates and yields at 1.00%.  Salem Five also requires you to have a checking account with them to earn the rate and yield.

Author: Lisa Graham
July 19th, 2011